Three Months in 30 Photos

SYA kicks off the summer with a multi-day Conference on Teaching and Learning Abroad, SYA’s second annual school-wide curricular planning conference, bringing teachers from all four campuses traveled to Viterbo, Italy to further refine SYA’s curriculum redesign. 


SYAC19 Conversations

Teachers from four campuses pepper the room with French, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish, with English as the common language, as they brainstorm innovative and mission-driven approaches to curriculum redesign. 


On a lunch break during the conference, SYA Italy's Santo Sammartino leads a tour of Villa Lante, a garden exemplifying the Mannerist phase of the Italian Renaissance. 


Villa Lante Mural

Santo uses a mural of the estate to orient faculty and staff prior to exploring the gardens. Villa Lante was designed for Cardinal Gambara, whose family name means "prawn." Throughout the property, there are painted and sculpted shrimp in honor of the Gambara family.


Villa Lante is located in Bagnaia, a twenty-minute bus ride outside of SYA Italy's Viterbo campus. 


Santo Sammartino SYAC19 Fountain

Here, Santo describes how peperino stone (a gray or brown volcanic rock found in Italy) is both workable and resistant, making it an excellent material for fountains and sculptures. 


SYAC19 Sessions

Back in the classroom, SYA leadership and faculty lead workshops covering topics ranging from how to assess experience-based coursework to how to design competency-based experiences within the context of educational travel. Above, SYA Italy Resident Director Pat Scanlon works with faculty from around the world to design a modular course structure that could be implemented at any of our four campuses.


Meghan Lewis Roof SYAC19

SYA Spain Resident Director Meghan Lewis Roof leads a workshop on language proficiency, including ways to integrate intentional language practice into all courses at SYA. Here, she employs a pizza analogy as a way to illustrate the advantage of competency-based assessment.


SYAC19 Participants

"Four campuses, one school" — the mantra of the second-annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Abroad. Above, 34 teachers and leaders from Beijing, North Andover, Rennes, Viterbo and Zaragoza gather on the steps across from SYA's Viterbo campus for a group photo on the last day of the conference.


Adult Enrichment in France

Following the Conference on Teaching and Learning Abroad in Viterbo, SYA hosted two adult enrichment courses: Cultural Heritage in France and Geopolitics of Spain. Above, participants in the cultural heritage course tour Art Deco Rennes with mosaic specialist Capucine Lemaître.


Adult Enrichment Spain

The geopolitics participants explore the rich history of Cádiz, Spain with SYA's Antonio López Piña. 


SYA China Summer 2019

The SYA Summer five-week experience for rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade high school students kicked off in June across our campuses in Beijing, Rennes and Zaragoza. Pictured above is the Class of SYA China: Summer 2019.


Lama Temple 2019 CN

Visiting the Lama Temple, Beijing


SYA China Classroom 2019

Mandarin language class taught by Tie Jiao


China Host Family

Host family dinner


SYA Summer: China

Sharing music with host families 


Hiking the Great Wall 2019

Hiking the less-traveled portions of the Great Wall of China


Chinese Calligraphy

Learning the art of calligraphy


Learning how to play Mahjong

Learning how to play Mahjong


SYA China Lama Temple 2019

Visiting the Lama Temple, Beijing


SYA France Summer 2019

SYA France: Summer students Exploring Fort La Latte, Plévenon, France


Fort Lalatte France Summer

The view near Fort La Latte


SYA Summer France

The Class of SYA France: Summer 2019


Cooking Class SYA France 2019

SYA France cooking class


Severine Bordeau in Bretagne

SYA France's Severine Bordeau, presenting a Loire Valley Châteaux


Kayaking the Ebro

SYA Spain: Summer students Kayaking the Ebro in Zaragoza


SYA Summer - Spain

Traveling outside Zaragoza


SYA Spain cooking class

SYA Spain cooking class


Flamenco show in Madrid, Spain

Flamenco show in Madrid, Spain


Ebro River Spain

Exploring the Ebro River


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