One Day for SYA: April 17!


The goal of ONE DAY FOR SYA is to bring awareness to the SYA community that we need your support! Many schools celebrate "Tuition Free Day," which symbolically marks the point in the year when tuition stops paying for the students' education and it becomes "free" thanks to financial support from generous donors. ONE DAY FOR SYA is our version, observed when paying for the year converts from tuition to giving, on April 17.

Most importantly, ONE DAY FOR SYA signifies the importance of people in the community who donate because they want to make the SYA experience possible for today's students. THANK YOU for all of those who have helped thus far!

Why April 17? 

April 17 symbolically marks the point in the year when tuition revenue "runs out" and financial support from other means kicks in. (Tuition revenue makes up 86% of the operating budget. April 17 is 86% of the way through the academic year.)

We hope 100 alumni, parents and friends will show their SYA love by making a gift on April 17!

How can I help?

  1. Make your gift to the SYA Fund today!
  2. Become an advocate! Share with your classmates and friends, create a personal plea or create a matching opportunity or challenge. In general, encourage others to give!
  3. If you've already made a gift this year - thank you! See #2 above and/or consider making an additional token gift to help boost our donor number.

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Springing Into Capstones

No single class or activity captures the SYA experience quite like the capstone project. Not only does it provide students an opportunity to put their evolving skills to the test, it also gives them a chance to dive into a single topic that captures their imagination and interest.

May 16 Launch!

The United Nations headquarters will provide a grand backdrop for the launch of SYA’s first-ever comprehensive capital campaign, The Campaign for SYA, on Thursday, May 16. 

Teacher and Translator

Raised by a consummate francophone, Sam Bloom FR’83 was destined to pursue French. His first year at the Taft School (CT) nurtured his intellectual curiosity in French language and culture, and when presented with an opportunity to attend SYA France as a junior, Sam was all in.

Will Travel for Wine

Six years ago, a friend invited Wanda Mann ES’89 to lunch with a prominent winemaker from Argentina. “It was the first time that I sat across the table from a winemaker and learned about their process and passion,” she said.