October in 31 Photos

A photo essay by SYA faculty and students in our four campuses around the world. 

SYA Italy students explore 12 km along Via Francigena, an ancient route that once connected Canterbury, Rome and Apulia in medieval times. 

Leaving campus and walking the streets of Viterbo.

Faculty member Dr. Danieli Gatti takes advantage of a teachable moment along the way.

Via Francigena. 

Via Francigena group shot. 

While some SYA Italy students traveled Via Francigena on foot, others explored Etruscan sites on a mountain bike tour guided by Resident Director Pat Scanlon and faculty Santo Sammartino. 

SYA Italy students harvested and processed grapes as a part of a food science course, agroecology, which investigates the intersection of Italian food, culture and science. 

Students at SYA France participated in the pilgrimage to Mount-Saint-Michel during low tide with members of their host families. 

SYA Spain students participated in Pilares, an annual festival in Zaragoza, by interviewing locals about the importance of the event; dressing up in traditional garb; and exploring events throughout the city. 

In the month of October, SYA China students hiked an unrestored section of the Great Wall at Zhuangdaokou; competed in track events; and continued to strengthen ties with host families. 

Photo by SYA China student Emma K., taken while hiking the Great Wall. 

"After bushwhacking for about 10 minutes we came to a small clump of trees, and my grandfather proceeded to climb and then shake the trees until hundreds of little red fruits fell out. We then spent the next few hours talking and picking these fruits (called 小山楂, xiǎo shān zhā, or Chinese hawthorn fruit). All the while, I could see the cable car that went up Sledgehammer Mountain, and it struck me that even though I had been a 10 minute walk from this exact location 3 weeks before, I was having such a different experience now than I was then." -Katie D. CN'19, pictured above with host sister. 

Blair C. CN '19 competing in 4 x 200 relay with classmates. The group placed 6th. 

Rory J. CN '19 placed 6th in the women's long jump. 

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