October Alumni Notes

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Stephen Foster ES'65
As the first seven-figure donor to The Campaign for SYA, Stephen Foster ES’65 is an SYA pioneer of sorts. Read more about his thoughtful philanthropy on the Story Central page of our campaign website.



Jackson Boyar CN'07, co-founder of Mentor Collective and graduate of Indiana University (IU), a mentor platform designed for first year and international students at higher education institutions, recently received $500,000 funding from IU Ventures, a non-profit affiliate of IU focused on assisting its students, faculty, staff and alums with advancing high potential new venture opportunities. Read more.

Elana Evans IT'08 is co-owner of City Beet Farm, a small-scale urban farm located in Vancouver. City Beet converts front and backyards into small-scale farms, where they grow vegetables and flowers.They trade vegetables for use of the land and sell the rest through community-supported agriculture vegetable box and flower subscriptions. Elana is a first-generation farmer and a graduate from the University of British Columbia farm practicum and soil science program. She has a strong sense of commitment to land and believes that to grow good food and feed communities we must first take great care of the soil. Learn more.

Andrea Gura IT'18 shared her band Chacra's first release, "Stone Cold Love" that is streaming on several music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Instagram Music, YouTube, etc). It was aired on the radio and is currently #8 on Ecuador's iTunes Top Songs list.She credits this accomplishment to her SYA year. She's always dreamed of being a singer/musical artist, and knew it was a risky dream. It wasn't until she met a singing teacher in Viterbo that everything changed. Andrea says, "She did way, way more than improve my vocal technique, she became a second mother to me and made me believe in myself and my talent. I also had an injury on my vocal chords that had been holding me back for almost a year and she cured it with vocal therapy. Had I not gone to SYA Italy and met taken lessons/done vocal therapy with her every week for a year, I honestly would have never believed in myself enough to release my own music." Follow on Facebook.

Alex Jermyn FR'92's architectural firm designs storefront clinics for high-tech healthcare. While new fitness trackers and other health-related products seem to come to market at light-speed, progress in how health-care services are delivered to patients does not have a reputation for similar swiftness. San Francisco–based company Forward is using high-tech infrastructure with a new model of subscription-based medical practice and recruited Alexander Jermyn Architecture to develop a suitably expectation-defying design aesthetic for the concept, which is now being deployed at sites around the country. Read more.

Kate McAleer FR'04 CN'05 and her company Bixby & Co. will be at the second New England Chocolate Festival in Boston at Cyclorama at Boston Center for the Arts on October 12, 2019.  This event provides a unique opportunity to discover some of the world's best chocolate and confections, become a more conscious consumer, and meet farmers and makers. Get tickets.

Elizabeth Martin-Shukrun ES'97 visited SYA France in her new role as the cultural attaché at the US Embassy in Paris. Students participated in a special assembly singing La Marseillaise and presenting in French.

Naomi Moser FR'08 is in Bucharest on a research Fulbright to study the history and practice of Yiddish theater, which was started in Romania, and apply aspects of what she learns to her performance and video art works. 

Chloe Temtchine ES'00 will be appearing on CBS's "The Doctors" (in late October/early November) sharing her story on being diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension and the journey that followed. She'll also premiere a new song!

Julian Fu CN'06, one of our new board members, left urban life to take a position in Provo with Qualtrics. Read why.




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