Fieldwork Around the World

Fieldwork puts students at the center of their learning, and is designed to help students develop Core Competencies through place-based, experiential education. Below, take a tour of fieldwork highlights from each campus over the past month. 

Students at SYA Spain traveled to the Navarra region to learn about the process of making the cheese of Idiazabal, a local tradition. This particular kind of cheese is as place-based as it gets: it can only be made from Latxa or Carranza sheep in the Basque or Navarra regions of northern Spain. The maturing process will be finished at home and will be ready to taste in a month!

Students at SYA Italy explored ceramic art through the sense of touch while visiting the Museo della Ceramica di Viterbo to see the exhibition “Attraverso le mani. La Terra come mezzo per liberare le emozioni,” or "Through the hands. The Earth as a means to explore emotions," by Sandra Costantini, who is blind.

Students had the opportunity to ask Costantini questions about her work before being guided to “see” an object with their eyes closed. Each student was also given a piece of clay to shape into an object of choice while keeping their eyes shut. 

Students at SYA China shadowed local students at Datong High School, attending classes, participating in soccer practice and performing during the welcome party after school. 

At SYA France, students are exploring the traditional Breton method of making cider. In addition to making their own cider, students will also visit a permanent exhibition at the Écomusée de Rennes where they will learn about how cider has been made historically. 

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Fieldwork Around the World

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