Around the World in 14 Photos

SYA China

SYA China: Students participate at the Puning Temple, ChengDe, which houses the largest wooden Buddhist statue in the world of the “thousand armed” Bodhisattva Guanyin.

SYA France

SYA France: Students attend an outdoor photography exhibit in La Gacilly.

SYA Italy: Students have their first encounter face to face with the Etruscans and the Romans in the civic Museum of Viterbo.

SYA Spain: Class in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.

SYA France: Study hall abroad in La Gacilly. 

SYA Italy: Sophia P. IT'19 takes pictures of a stand of banana trees in Giardini di Ninfa.

SYA Italy: The climate in Giardini di Ninfa allows the banana trees to thrive, though not quite enough to produce fruit. Note the medieval tower in the background that dates to the 13th Century. 

SYA France: La Gacilly, France. 

SYA Italy: Resident Director Pat Scanlon makes the most of a teachable moment when a lizard falls on his hat while touring Giardini di Ninfa. 

SYA France: Reflecting on the photo exhibit, "La Terre et l'Environnement." 

SYA Spain: Hiking down into the canyon of the River Vero.

SYA China: Hiking to Sledgehammer Peak, Chengde.

SYA Italy: Harrison H. ES'18 IT'19 takes a photo in the Giardini di Ninfa, a garden with a special microclimate.

SYA Spain: Exploring Alquézar. 

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