Yongqi Means Courage

Liam R. is currently a junior at SYA China and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. He comes to SYA from The Bishop’s School in California.

Exhausted, yet fueled by desire
Chained, yet more free than I’ll ever be
Please god, as much as I beg,
Keep answers away from my prayers.

I wake up morningly to the Chinese sun,
But for days it seemed to be getting darker.
As the seasons changed, I wouldn’t let myself adjust with them.

Time after time, I would turn the happiness into pain and denial.
Why did I lock myself in?
I was the only one who could unlock the iron cage that trapped me.

The black key was in my hand and the lock laid ahead,
Yet my arm remained glued to my bony side:
Stuck in the safety of neglect.

Between me and my way out, a bridge was suspended in the atmosphere.
The long wooden curve, suspended by courage sat above darkness.

I began to cross, while wary of its strength to carry me.
I stepped at the pace of a tortoise
And froze when I felt uncomfortable.

I looked down at monsters beneath me:
Their venomous eyes bobbed in the lightless matter
I moved again and reached the lock

As I unlocked the gates, I turned back to see the creatures that lurked behind,
But only noticed an array of mirrors.

Confused, yet fulfilled, I turned the key and unlocked the gates to be met with a beckoning brightness:
The light of culture blinds me, however, I’ve never seen so clearly.

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