SYA France: An Acrostic Poem

Ella S. is currently a senior at SYA France and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from University School of Nashville in Tennessee. 


Mid-February. I remember this time last year. I had just submitted my application, and all there was left to do was wait until decisions came out. In honor of this exciting and slightly nerve racking time, I’ve decided to write an acrostic poem for SYA France, the best of the four campuses. Here it is:

Sundays, in Parc du Thabor on a blanket under the sun

Crepes, and while they are incredible, galettes are the regional specialty

Holidays, 2 weeks every 6, and something the U.S. needs to adopt

Orange juice, fresh squeezed, from the Carrefour right around the corner

Over one-hour dinners, every night, always accompanied by bread and cheese

Language learning, and although French is the prettiest, it can be quite difficult to understand


Yellow vest protests, history in the making, right outside your front door

Experiences with people you’ll never forget

Allée Ste. Marie, tucked away, and where you can find the beautiful Chez Alvarez (aka SYA France’s school building!)

République, where all buses reconvene, and always a conviennent meeting place


American accents, hard to lose but is a good conversation starter

Baguettes, fresh and warm, only 1€, and on every street corner

Raclette, one of the many cheeses that you will become an expert on (although I’m impartial to Carambert)

Outstanding professors, experts in their fields and caring of their students

Angello’s, the best pizza place in Rennes (watch out SYA Italy)

Dessert pastries, appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Families, which you will now have two of, a French one and an American one

Rennes, a perfectly sized college town with a charm of its own

Activities, no lacrosse but conservatoires for music, dance, and art

Nine months, which will pass before you know it

Chocolate croissants, called pain-au-chocolate not croissants du chocolat

Everything you could ever hope for in a year abroad

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