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Paris Part 2

Harrison W. is currently a junior at SYA France and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. He comes to SYA from Phillips Academy in Massachusetts.

The second part of my February vacations included further discovery of Paris and a visit with parents and family friends! After leaving from SYA-organized travel on a journey from the Marais to the ​6a arrondissement (again I stress a basic lesson in Paris geography!), I ended up in my family friend’s beautiful apartment. Staying two nights with them, I then got to see my parents for the first time since August! Upon their arrival, I whisked them out of their hotel room to ​L’Orangerie, visit courtesy of our family friend. With the perspective of an art historian, I viewed Monet’s Water Lilies in an engrossing, dynamic tour. Though lines can be long, I would stress this museum as one of the must-sees in the city. Post the museum visit, we meandered our way into a Parisian café for the classic afternoon sit and chat. 

Though I did eventually part from the City of Lights, I found myself in another major European capital, Geneva. From there, my parents and I took the amazing Swiss train system to a small ski resort in the Swiss Alps. The small mountainous town of Grimentz overlooked an expansive, snowy valley. The summit of the mountain presented an even more tremendous viewpoint. Though the slope from the top was a short, sharp, skis-over-shoulders scramble, there was a lookout point for an essential pause. Spread around you are the mighty peaks of the Couronne Impériale – Imperial Crown – from the elegantly curving ridge of the 4,221m Zinalrothorn, the tooth of Cervin – aka the Matterhorn – at 4,478m. From the amazing view to the stellar snow, I had a truly exceptional first visit to the Swiss Alps. From skiing to Paris, I hope that I’ve given a thorough overview of February break! 

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