Many Thanks

Ella S. is currently a senior at SYA France and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from University School of Nashville in Tennessee. 

My nine months in France have left me with many things to be grateful for, things that I have had to say goodbye to these past few days. Here are my many thank you’s from the year:

Thank you to Cafe 1802 for providing a place to study, a good cappuccino, and a killer chocolate chip cookie.

Thank you to the Marché des Lices for giving me a reason to wake up early Saturday mornings.

Thank you to Gepetto for always having a table for eight open upstairs on Saturday nights.

Thank you to the 11 bus for arriving mostly on time throughout the year, despite the strikes.

Thank you to Stade Rennais FC for winning the two matches I watched, one against Arsenal and the other against Paris Saint-Germain to become champion in the Coup de France.

Thank you to the yellow boulangerie on Rue Vasselot for the best baguette in Rennes.

Thank you to beurre salé for making that already amazing baguette that much better.

Thank you to the dreaded Bretagne rain for making me appreciate sunny days that much more.

Thank you to Parc du Thabor for having the most beautiful flowers and the plushest grass, the most ideal for picnics.

Thank you to the docks for having the second best picnic spot, and a few friendly ducks.

Thank you to Carrefour for providing free period snacks galore only a 2 min walk away.

Thank you to Google Maps for helping me get from Point A to Point B, from September to May.

Thank you to the canal for having the best Sunday afternoon jogging path.

Thank you to the crepe stand on Rue des Bastards for having the best Nutella crepe in town.

Thank you to Rennes for giving me an incredible city to call home for nine months.

Thank you to my host family for welcoming me into their home, cooking the most amazing food, being patient with my ever-improving French, and becoming ma famille française.

Thank you to my friends for being the best support system, for traveling with me in and outside of France, for making me laugh constantly, and for making this year truly unforgettable.


Thank you to my fellow classmates for being the best class I could imagine, and for bearing with me through a few highs and lows. 

Thank you to my teachers for sharing your passions with me and further opening my eyes to the world. 

Thank you to SYA for providing me the experience of a lifetime.

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