First Impressions: School Lunch

Harrison W. is currently a junior at SYA France and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. He comes to SYA from Phillips Academy in Massachusetts.

As a prospective student to SYA France, I preoccupied myself over a plethora of miniscule matters. From the US, so many aspects of the school remain a mystery. We plunge ourselves into an unfamiliar city, school, extracurricular activities, and environment. To hopefully assuage one of the most important matters of a prospective student’s anxiety, allow me to talk about our school lunch. SYA has three general options for lunch during the school day.

The public high school, Jean Macé, is the first and most frequented of these options. Our lunch period begins at 11:25, and SYA students frantically scramble out of their classes and down the street. It takes about four minutes to walk down the sidewalk and through the school buildings to the cafeteria. SYA students have the privilege of passing along the enormous assembly of food before all the French students. First, there’s a selection of desserts or fruit, including carefully arranged and intricately decorated pastries. Next, one can either select from a selection of cheeses or yogurt. There’s camembert, chèvre, and other rotating cheeses, as well as plain and sweetened yogurt. The following station has a selection of small, cold or hot salads and dishes before the giant bins of undressed and dressed lettuce. Finally, the hot meal. As pictured in the image above, that day’s that works lunch was braised beef, green beans, and couscous. After the meat, there’s a bread selection. Most SYA students eat here and love the quality of their meals.

Apart from Jean Macé, students also have the choice to go to St. Vincent, a private school a short walk from the school. St. Vincent does not provide the same quality as Jean Macé, though there are a select few that go. If one feels particularly adventurous and willing to spend a little, the school is well connected by bus and close to some local restaurants and bakeries. With a wide array of options, there is no shortage of great meals to be had at SYA France. 

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