Business as Usual

Kurumi S. is currently a junior at SYA Italy and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Spence School in New York.

Strutting along in snazzy blazers and classy heels, we professionally greeted the chairmen and colleagues with firm handshakes and confident smiles. With great enthusiasm and passion we arranged our papers and took exhaustive notes. We met people for networking, learned about conventional marketing strategies given our background research on unconventional marketing, and made new friends from all over the world, picking up some new phrases in other languages.

Rome MUN was definitively the most academically challenging yet rewarding experience at SYA thus far, while encouraging a social life as we bonded with the small group of students from SYA and our teachers as well as undergraduate and graduate students from all over Europe and the Middle East. The program was divided into three sections: the Model UN committees, the Business Game, and the Press Game. As we are always encouraged to follow our passions at SYA, we were able to choose which simulation to do at the conference. As a great economic enthusiast, I chose the Business Game.

My friend Will and I were one of the youngest participants in the Business Game, as we were surrounded by Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA students, from whom we learned an inexplicable amount on how to form a proper business proposition and present it to investors. We created business plans for innovative food truck ideas, attraction of HR for the Costa Crociere using social media, and the promotion of a start-up energy company. Given limited time for each project, we worked all day with passion and excitement as we were given the opportunity to present our creative ideas to a board of judges, from whom we would receive awards based on best group, best individuals per group, and best participant in the entire Business Game conference.

Whether it was the thrill of working with such professional students and judges or having the opportunity to hang out with our friends and meet new people in both a professional and chill manner, MUN was fulfilling and promising for our future. I networked, I studied, I got to dress up, I developed new friendships and enforced old ones, I had fun. Without a doubt, this was a great opportunity for my future career and a rewarding experience as a high-schooler.

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