Liam R. is currently a junior at SYA China and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. He comes to SYA from The Bishop’s School in California.


Cold darkness accumulates in greyness

The hounds of winter howl for three months

Brown skies sit muddled by dry snow 

The trees sleep in brittle mundanity


As the hours evaporate into the past

The waters of spring arrive at last

A crescent of cerulean sings through white cotton

Sprouts of supple chartreuse fissure through branches


Cherry blossoms effloresce like lilies

Fuchsia bleeds into orchidaceous silk

The pap of winter is swallowed by growth

The atmosphere succumbs to the scent of spring


Willows weep over pastel puddles of melted ice

Young jays flutter their dew coated wings

They take off into the apricot sky singing

Earth melts like watercolor

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