Another Night

Liam R. is currently a junior at SYA China and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. He comes to SYA from The Bishop’s School in California.

The bitter dusk dissolved into the darkness
The new moon hid behind the stars above the city
The world was quiet: just the wind and the hum of the orient seemed to exist

A cigarette’s red glow seized in the cool air, smoke danced under a streetlight
A peddler sat at home, staring at the ceiling, feet raised in exhaustion
A foreigner laid, restless, relaying memories of his familiar life over seas

Every sound
Every feeling
Every thought, however, beautifully new

This night was getting colder, small streams and rivers froze in their tracks
Stars twinkled rapidly above a grey city; the universe’s fireflies
A pressure cooker clicked into “keep warm” mode, the raw rice was cooked

Earth spun slower than usual, the night was long and cold
The Forbidden City slept with all of its lights off...
Just Mao’s mural illuminated over the mass of Tiananmen Square

Radiators warmed the legs of the capital city’s people
The whisper of smoke stacks told the story of the New Industrial Revolution
A place as loud as Beijing, was quiet, warm— nearly homelike; the giant slept.

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