A Note to the Indecisive

Oceane C. is currently a junior at SYA China and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Orange County School of the Arts in California.

There isn’t one thing that makes me happier than waking up in the morning with a complete plan of what I wish to do that day, and with some sort of idea of how I want to make my life my own. Before coming to China, I never really felt like I had a purpose. I was always doing things because it was what society expected from me, even though those expectations never added any joy or meaning to my life. I’m so glad I decided to come to Beijing. I finally feel like what I am doing here has purpose and I’m over the moon with the idea that I am no longer wasting my time filling my head with knowledge that doesn’t excite me or bring a smile to my face. I finally have a motivation for wanting to study hours on end for a Mandarin test or history final, because I know that when I am done studying, I can actually use the things I learned and directly apply them to my surroundings and own personal experiences. But this wouldn’t be possible if I had decided to limit myself by staying in America, within the comfort of my own home. I’m not saying that I don’t miss my family and the life I used to live in California, but sometimes I get so caught up in Beijing’s breathtaking beauty and marvels, that I forget that I’m on another continent.

I’m also very grateful for the fact that I will never be bored. Every day in Beijing is a new adventure. Free time becomes an invitation to step out of your apartment and do some exploring or get familiar with the things that are of importance to you. And as you get more and more comfortable in Beijing, there is no idea of “wasting time”. Everything that happens will have something to do with either developing your relationships with the people surrounding you or deciding what you want for yourself, and for your future. Not only that, but we have the luxury of SYA, pretty much all to ourselves. Giving back to society and being immersed in this new culture becomes almost too easy when we have the program’s numerous after school activities and the many trips to different provinces such as Tianjin, Chengde, and Shanxi, but I panic everytime I think about the idea of having to go back home. China has become too precious for me to leave so soon, and if you do it right, and jump head first into Beijing, it will be hard for you too!

I have two names; Oceane and 语诗 . My favorite fruits are jujube and pomelo. I can’t envision myself not riding to school on my bike. My Aunt makes the best boiled, roasted, and salted peanuts. I drink at least two bowls of porridge/soup per day; one for breakfast, one for dinner. My favorite thing to do is go sightseeing. I can’t wait to see it snow during winter. I live in China.

If it wasn’t for me having already experienced what it’s like to live in Beijing for a month, this wouldn’t be how I introduce myself. Fortunately for me though, for the next year, and maybe even longer than that, this is who I am. There are a about a thousand more things I can add to my introduction, but if I fill it all up now, I fear I won’t have enough space to delve deeper into everything China has to offer.

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