The Campaign for SYA: We Are All Ambassadors

With less than a year to go, SYA’s first-ever comprehensive capital campaign is already having an impacting on our future – making the SYA experience more accessible to students, supporting our faculty and curriculum, and ensuring a healthy SYA Fund.

Through School Year Abroad, thousands of families have watched their children become self-assured global citizens. Over 8,000 alumni now influence communities and professions in 77 nations and counting. Together, we know the value of looking at the world from an utterly different point of view. We are all ambassadors — for SYA itself and for the values we share of understanding, empathy and intellectual curiosity. Through The Campaign for SYA, we send more maverick thinkers and bridge builders into the world. Learn about how you can make a difference and join the SYA community in this bold undertaking. There is no more important gift we can give to the future.

Register for upcoming informational sessions about the campaign:

Campaign 101: The Basics
September 30, 3:00PM EDT

Campaign 101: Student Aid
October 7, 3:00PM EDT

Campaign 101: Curricular Innovation
October 14, 3:00PM EDT

Campaign 101: Faculty Support
October 21, 3:00PM EDT


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School Year Abroad

A personal look back from Director of Advancement Erin Ericson

This year, you will likely read many reflections and remembrances from those who lived through the events of September 11, 2001. As you can imagine, SYA’s story is somewhat unique in that September is the beginning of our school year, when students are boarding planes for their adventure abroad.

School Year Abroad

SYA alumni, faculty and others make amazing things happen in the world.

This year, the SYA Awards Committee is pleased to announce its award recipients in recognition for outstanding contributions to SYA and the greater world.

School Year Abroad

Orientation, innovated. The Immersion Unit was designed with great intentionality to help students explore their local cities through fieldwork activities.