2022 Award Honorees Announced


SYA alumni, faculty and others make amazing things happen in the world.

The SYA Awards Committee, led by Trustee Allison Temple Bacon ES’81, is pleased to announce this year's award recipients: Cheo Hodari Coker ES'89 (SYA Distinguished Alumni Award) and Margaret Conklin FR'74 (The Stephen M. Foster ES'65 Exemplary Service Award). She said, "The Board of Trustees enthusiastically and unanimously voted for Cheo and Margaret as this year's recipients of their respective awards. It was a pleasure to see such a strong group of nominees. We hope you will consider joining in nominating future recipients."

President Tom Hassan remarked, "Both Cheo and Margaret exemplify the attributes of their respective awards and we are proud to honor each by celebrating their work and commitment in making a difference in their professions, in their communities and the world."

READ the announcement on Cheo Hodari Coker ES'89
READ the announcement on Margaret Conklin FR'74

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A key priority of The Campaign for SYA was curricular innovation. One component of SYA’s curriculum that has been developed and implemented in recent years — fieldwork — helps SYA take advantage of our unique locations to create a quality intercultural, place-based, and experiential educational environment abroad. 

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These are the moments that make the SYA experience so magical. When the lessons students have learned in the classroom are brought to life before their eyes. When the student becomes the teacher, introducing people, places and concepts using the knowledge they have gained. When students debate a relevant issue, learning how to engage in perspective taking and critical thinking.

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Giving to the SYA Fund supports SYA’s operational budget each and every year and helps to provide immediate use funds to deliver the SYA experience we know and love. Through The Campaign for SYA, over $7 million dollars were raised for the SYA Fund. We are grateful to these donors for creating a strong foundation of support for our students and educators.