Three Thanksgivings Are Better Than One

Annika M. is currently a junior at SYA France and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Hanover High School in New Hampshire.

Thanksgiving, as most know, is a time to give thanks. This year, I am thankful for a lot, so it only made sense to have three different days dedicated to giving thanks for everything in my life. 

My first Thanksgiving was spent with three friends and the host family of one of those friends. On the Sunday before actual Thanksgiving, I headed over to my friend's house in the mid-morning to start meal preparations for later that afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day, something that one comes to be especially thankful for living in Bretagne. Being a nice day, I decided to walk. This walk was the perfect way to start my first Thanksgiving and made me appreciate the nature surrounding Rennes. One aspect of Rennes I’ve come to be most thankful for is the city’s dedication to nature. Although Rennes is a bonafide city, complete with apartment buildings, plenty of restaurants, and bustling streets, it also has a specific admiration for the outdoors; the multiple parks and pristinely kept up canals make this clear. After walking along the canal for about thirty minutes, I finally arrived at my friends house and commenced the food making process. We cooked all day and finally got to appreciate our meal during the late afternoon! 

My second Thanksgiving was held on actual Thanksgiving day, Thursday the 28th. In general at SYA France, Thursdays are fieldwork days which means no classes. This Thursday was extra special, though, because not only did we get to sleep in, we also got to watch a movie once at school, go out for a Thanksgiving lunch with our entire class, and have a free afternoon. With this free afternoon, I headed over to the Marché de Noël, or Christmas market, with a few friends. At the Christmas market we rode on the ferris wheel and got to see Rennes from a different perspective. 

My third and final French Thanksgiving was spent at my host house with my host family. I decided to make stuffing, mashed potatoes, chicken, pecan pie, and apple pie for my host family. I also made them a traditional American breakfast that morning complete with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Celebrating Thanksgiving with my host family was a great way to give thanks for all they have done for me this year and was a chance for me to tell them how grateful I am to be living with them. This day was a great way to top off the Thanksgiving season! 

I am grateful for so much this year, and I am so happy I got to share this holiday with some of the people in my life who have made this year so great! 

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