The 100-Day Countdown

Sadie H. is currently a junior at SYA Italy and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Chatham Hall in Virginia.

My friends and I have countdown apps on our phones of the number of days since we got here and the number of days we have left. Looking at my countdown reminds me to take advantage of every day I have here in Italy… because in what seems like the blink of an eye, we have about 100 days left until our SYA year concludes. 

In advisory, we have been reflecting on what regrets we would have if the year ended right now, instead of in late May, and from there we wrote goals on what we want to achieve before the end of the year. We started this in advisory around three weeks ago, and I wrote down a few goals about how I want to make more Italian friends, switch my monthly Spotify playlists to just Italian music, and read more in Italian. I wrote about what regrets I would have if the program ended now, however I knew that I still had plenty of time to achieve what I wanted to. 

Now I realize that the numbers are going down fast. I feel like it was just yesterday when my host dad and I were talking about how I had been in Italy for two months, and I was struggling to follow along with what he was saying but I knew that those two months had felt like the blink of an eye. I look back on myself from that day, October 29, and I am overwhelmingly proud of how much I have grown since then. Who would have thought I would be reading books in Italian, and actually following along to Italian TV instead of just having every word go in one ear and out the other? Not only have my language skills grown, but I can see that I am much more confident in my day to day life, and I am interested in things that I never even thought I would get to learn about. I can’t wait to see what else I learn and how I change in the next 100 days, and I am motivated to make every day count! 

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