Meet my host sister!

Janae-Rose F. is currently a sophomore at SYA Spain and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Charlotte Country Day School in North Carolina.

Inés and me at a family lunch.

I’ve just gotten home from a long day, and I start in on my homework. My little host sister, Inés, wanders into my room and, unprompted, begins to regale me with a 15 minute recounting of her day at school. Then, she wants to bring her bean bag chair into my room to be there while I study. I say yes and, like always, I get minimal studying done between us laughing and talking. Every five minutes, I start to talk but then I say “Me callo” when I remember that I should be studying instead of chatting away. Dinner is fun and she is up to her usual antics. Then, we go to brush our teeth. I follow along with Inés’s crazy idea to try and do synchronized flossing with one long string of floss. We laugh some more and chat, and then she goes to bed when I can finally get some work done. 

Before, I might have been antsy to spend so much time away from my precious homework. In my time in Spain, especially the aspect of living with a younger sister instead of being one, I have learned to let go and accept that the work will be done in time even if I take a break. Now, life has become much sweeter, and I even get a weekly manicure thrown in. Every Sunday, Ines sits me down for hours to paint my nails, and go over them, and then change her mind, and stop, and show me her favorite song, tik tok, YouTuber, etc.. Whenever I get compliments on my nails, I launch into a mini-speech about my adorable (and kind of crazy) little host sister. Of course, she sometimes is in a bad mood and yells at her parents or can be bothersome, but all in all, my host sister is pretty great.

As the year is coming to a close (I feel like it was September yesterday but also 20 years ago, at the same time), I know I’ll miss having my little host sister. Inés has played an integral part in my time here just by being kooky and kind self. In the beginning, I was hesitant to choose a family with children. What if they hate me?, I thought, what if I hate them?, what if they’re loud and throw tantrums all the time?. All of my worries were proved baseless. I chose a host family that took me out of my comfort zone, (because being in Spain just wasn’t far enough out of my comfort zone for me) and it paid off. 

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