Canto e Carbonara

Quinn H. is currently a junior at SYA Italy and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from The Masters School in New York.

I always look forward to when the bell rings and it’s time for my Agroecology class. In past classes, we have learned how to make tiramisu, cacio e pepe, bruschetta, and many other Italian dishes. Learning about the specific sciences that go into each process makes the cooking part even more interesting. This past class, we learned how to make the classic Italian pasta dish, carbonara. We set up our lengthy, detailed Mamma Mia playlist on the classroom speakers and started making the pasta dough ourselves from scratch. Cooking and singing at home with my family was always a special memory for me, and I feel like cooking with the people at SYA creates such a similar emotion for me. Going through this experience abroad together, all as young adults out in the world for the first time independently, has made us all so incredibly close. I’ve gained yet another family through the people I’ve met here. As we sang and danced to various Italian songs, we kneaded the dough and led it through the pasta roller, making sheets and sheets of it. The more pasta the better. We all worked together to complete different parts of the pasta recipe: the pancetta, the egg, and the cheese. The cooking in Agroecology class goes by pretty quick (we’re all excited to eat what new plate we attempt each time). As our double period class and our cooking came to an end, the other students from different classes crowded at the door to try and get a bowl of our finished pasta. The Agroecology classes are always known to have hoards of people arriving at the smell of our cooking skills. After we finished eating and raving about our carbonara, we opened the windows of the classroom and looked out at Via Cavour below.

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