Beginnings of Christmas in Viterbo

Quinn H. is currently a junior at SYA Italy and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from The Masters School in New York.

In Viterbo, when the lights go up and the carols start, you know it’s Christmas.We covered the school with string lights and decorated a tree with ornaments and tinsel.  Every shop and cafe puts up lights and wreaths. It makes me feel as if I’m back at home in New York with the decorations in shop windows on 5th Avenue. But instead of wandering the streets of New York alone, in Viterbo I’m with friends I know that I will love for a lifetime. We’re all feeling the bittersweet emotions of the first semester coming to an end. Many of my closest friends that I’ve made here are leaving at the end of first semester. Even though I will miss them so much, I know I’ll see them again because of the intense bonds we have created. 

As the year is coming to an end, I feel confident enough in Italian that I know I can get my American family to and from places over break. I’m so excited to be able to show my parents how much I’ve learned in the past three months. Even though I miss them, I’m so proud that I have grown so much. I’ve become so much more independent, self-sufficient, and confident. And I can’t wait to show them how I’ve changed. Living with my host family and experiencing Italian culture makes me never want to leave. 


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