A Wholesome Co-Curricular Experience

Stella K. is currently a junior at SYA Spain and a blogger for the Campus Reporter program. She comes to SYA from Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

Me and my friend Nicola after rowing practice by el Río Ebro

Since coming to Spain I have been involved in the Zaragoza Juvenile chorus, a rowing club, a rocking climbing club, and yoga classes. When coming to Spain, SYA gives you the opportunity to discover new hobbies and sports like boxing, to create friendships with Spanish people in your community, and to practice your Spanish with other Spaniards through the co-curricular activities they offer.

I was definitely nervous at first about going to my first rowing practice since I was unsure if I’d be able to understand what my coach said and that the people may not talk to me but from the beginning, all of the coaches and instructors that I have met through my co-curriculars have been very understanding and helpful. They repeat things when needed and treat me the same as the other Spanish people. The people whom I row and sing with have also been very welcoming, sharing their music, talking with me during the break time, and even hanging out outside of the co-curricular together. Being a part of these communities has grown my vocabulary and shown me how to use certain Spanish words or phrases in the correct context. 

An aspect that I enjoy about co-curriculars at SYA is that each student is doing something different. While I rock climb with two other SYA students we all are doing other activities in addition that are completely different. One of them is a part of a track and field team and my other friend is volunteering. Students are also able to switch in and out of activities, like only taking cooking classes for 6 weeks or leaving a sport at the end of the semester. This allows you to have the opportunity to try even more activities.

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