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Your Impact: Classes that are Uniquely SYA

Your Impact: Course Offerings that are Uniquely SYA

SYA’s curriculum is our mission in action. In addition to their six required courses which typically include host country language instruction, an experiential language course, English and mathematics, students at each campus have their choice of unique electives designed to enhance their local experience. Here’s a look at some of our most popular offerings.

Thank you to our generous donors for making the experience possible for our students. 

History meets filmmaking in the popular French Cinema class taught by Eva Pena at SYA France. Here, students analyze the most important historical events of the 20th and 21st centuries while exploring the rich, innovative evolution of French film.

In Viterbo, it’s all about the food. Olive oil, wine, bread, cured meats and cheeses all play a part in SYA Italy’s popular Applied Agroecology course, which explores the science behind the rich agricultural traditions and processes that make Italian food known the world over.

SYA Spain’s Spanish Theater: Analysis and Performance elective exposes students to Spanish literature from both sides of the Atlantic, while also giving them the opportunity to hone their language and acting skills in a fun and engaging way.


News Highlights

Academic trips

Academic Trips

Whether it’s crossing the bay by foot at Mont-St.-Michel, learning the secrets to baking with nuns in the Basque Country, or walking along a path to the grotto where Tiberius would have entertained guests … one thing is certain: these are the moments that make the SYA experience magical. 


One SYA France high school student sits outside with her host sister. They are both happy.

Campus Reporter Olivia Reflects on her First 37 Days in France!

Olivia and her host sisters bonded over their love of music despite their language barriers! 

LEARN MORE about how Olivia is settling into her life in France.

Featured Event: 
Town Hall featuring the 2022 Award Honorees

Updates on the year ahead from President Tom Hassan, Board Chair Holland Goss Lynch FR'86 and honorees Cheo Hodari Coker ES'89 and Margaret Conklin FR'74.

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School Year Abroad Stories

SYA high school student George takes a picture of the street in Zaragoza at sunset

George writes about the new adventures he is having despite the school year coming to a close.

SYA Spain high school student stands with her back to the camera at a scenic overlook in Spain

Madeline shares about the recent academic trip to Andalucía!

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