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Gathering at the Table

Your Impact: Gathering at the Table

In cultures around the world, the act of gathering around a table to share a meal is deeply ingrained and cherished. It's not just about satisfying hunger; it's a ritual that binds families, friends and communities together. And at SYA, the simple act of sharing a meal transcends mere sustenance; it plays a fundamental role in deeper cultural immersion and learning opportunities for our students.

Food is a cornerstone of cultural identity, serving as a tangible expression of a community's history, values and traditions. From recipes passed down through generations of host families to our students preparing a special Thanksgiving dinner for their host families, each meal is a repository of collective memories being shared across cultures.

Whether at the host family table, lunch with local peers or gelato with classmates, the communal act of sharing a meal fosters a sense of closeness and connection. Sitting down together encourages conversation, laughter and the sharing of personal stories. It's a time to catch up on each other's lives, offer support and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Gathering around a table to share a meal is much more than a mundane task; it’s a celebration of our cultural diversity, a testament to our capacity for empathy and an affirmation of the bonds that unite us as a global community.                  

Our community’s generosity supports host families each year and makes many moments of connection and sharing possible for our students. Read below as Mimi, Natalie and Aaliyah share their stories and consider your support of the SYA Fund this year.


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Lynée Connelly

Lynée Connelly Named the SYA France Class of 1974 Faculty Chair

This endowed chair was established by the Class of SYA France 1974 during the 50th anniversary of SYA France to honor two beloved teachers — their English teacher, Peter Greer, and their math teacher, Charles (Chuck) Hamblet. The chair is awarded each year to a deserving math or English teacher at SYA France and underwrites a portion of the salary and benefits package.

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