Mission Statement

SYA guides students through a challenging curriculum focused on developing skills for successful engagement in an increasingly interdependent world. Central to the SYA experience is the adventure of understanding different languages, cultures and peoples.

Our Focus

While students learn much by simply taking part in an experience abroad and living with a host family, SYA designs its programs to develop four key student skills:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking - The ability to develop new ideas and challenge assumptions in situations with limited information and/or language skills.
  • Intercultural Competence - The ability to understand different cultures and perspectives with increasing sophistication and adapt to new situations empathetically and appropriately.
  • Language Proficiency - The ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages.
  • Independence and Interdependence - The ability to be self-reliant and collaborate with others in a constructive way.

Our Approach

SYA strives to take full advantage of our resources to provide the highest quality education. To that end, all of our programs are designed to be:

  • Intentional - SYA programs are based on and designed to meet clear, achievable and observable objectives.
  • Place-Based - SYA programs are intricately tied to the surroundings, people and cultures of our host countries.
  • Experiential - SYA programs are explicitly active and participatory and include major involvement in the outside community.
  • Intercultural - SYA programs require active engagement in the local culture, developing perspective and empathy.
SYA is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.