Math Faculty POSITION


“SYA guides students through a challenging curriculum focused on developing skills for successful engagement in an increasingly interdependent world. Central to the SYA experience is the adventure of understanding different languages, cultures and peoples.”

Full-time teaching at SYA is a role that combines instruction, providing students guidance and frequent collaboration with faculty and staff from SYA (both locally and at other campuses) and at times other schools. Teachers are expected to use SYA’s mission statement as a guide to teach courses that focus on improving student skills in SYA’s four main areas of curricular focus; language acquisition, creative and critical thinking, intercultural competence and independence and interdependence.

Math instruction at SYA is a collaborative process involving working closely with math colleagues from all SYA campuses. Our math curriculum is specifically designed not only to help students learn the content of the course, but to focus on building skills related to independence and interdependence. Students are charged to take control of their learning and proactively engage in the material in a fairly independent manner while relying on their peers for guidance. Math instructors are expected to maintain that structure and help students who may have difficulty with self-motivation and independence. A complete guide to SYA’s mathematics philosophy is available here.

Duties and expectations at an SYA school


  • Set clearly articulated standards for student academic performance.
  • Set reasonable and defensible standards for student behavior.
  • Enforce school rules justly, fairly, and consistently.
  • Demonstrate high levels of enthusiasm for teaching/learning.
  • Demonstrate genuine commitment to school, purposes, leadership and peers.
  • Portray a positive image of the school, its faculty, and its programs when working with students at all times.
  • Work with other faculty in a way that demonstrates respect, openness, and an ability to focus on the school’s mission at all times.
  • Maintain proper boundaries with students and engage students in a way that is encouraging, positive, and respects the educative process.
  • Use the Slack communication tool to communicate with students, faculty and the SYA administration.
  • Maintain and regularly check an email.
  • Serve on the school’s discipline committee.
  • Proctoring of standardised testing.
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned by the Resident Director.


  • Adopt a teaching approach consistent with the SYA Mathematics GuidingPrinciples.
  • Teach four or five sections of a course or courses.
  • Provide outside-of-class help to students on a regular and predictablebasis.
  • Provide consistent adherence to school rules and community norms while in class at all times.
  • Create predictable assessments and offer reliable preparation forassessments.
  • Provide fair, reliable, understandable and clear grading structures.
  • Provide a course syllabus that meets expectations provided by the SYA academic office.
  • Write teacher comments 4 times per year.
  • Provide letters of recommendation in English forstudents who request them and who were in good standing.
  • Use the Canvas Learning Management System to provide access to the course syllabus, post all work for the course, and to grade all student work.


  • Serve as academic advisor for a number of advisees determined by the Resident Director.
  • Deliver the advisory curriculum using guidelines outlined by the Resident Director.
  • Take attendance at all advisory meetings and events.
  • Write advisor comments in English comments 3-4 times per year


  • Possible participation in chaperoning of student travel as directed by the Resident Director.


  • Contribute to planning and shared interdisciplinary projects with other faculty.
  • Participate in school committees as requested by the Resident Director.
  • Actively participate in curriculum development with faculty colleagues - both local and at other SYA campuses.
  • Attend faculty meetings and school events as requested by the Resident Director.

Professional Development:

  • Engage in professional development as organized by SYA around topics of teaching methodology, assessment, lesson and unit planning, interdisciplinary projects and other topics regarding professional teaching abroad.
  • Meet with the Resident Director regarding formal and informal class observations and provide a lesson plan in advance for any formal class observations.

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