Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at SYA.

SYA China is seeking a mathematics teacher for 2018-2019. Interested candidates may read the job description here and apply for the position here.

About teaching at SYA
Full-time teaching at SYA is a role that combines instruction, providing students guidance and frequent collaboration with faculty and staff from SYA (both locally and at other campuses) and at times other schools. Teachers are expected to use SYA’s mission statement as a guide to teach courses that focus on improving student skills in SYA’s four main areas of curricular focus; language acquisition, creative and critical thinking, intercultural competence and independence and interdependence.
About math at SYA
Math instruction at SYA is a collaborative process involving working closely with SYA’s mathematics coordinator and math colleagues from all SYA campuses. Our math curriculum is specifically designed to not only help students learn the content of the course, but to focus on building skills related to independence and interdependence. Students are charged to take control of their learning and proactively engage in the material in a fairly independent manner while relying on their peers for guidance. Math instructors are expected to maintain that structure and help students who may have difficulty with self-motivation and independence. A complete guide to SYA’s mathematics philosophy is available here.