Email addresses at SYA are first initial plus last name, followed by
To call, dial 978.725.6828 followed by the extension listed for each staff member below:

Administrative Office
Thomas E. Hassan, President, ext. 620
Samantha Gammons CN'01, School Operations Administrator, ext. 134

Admissions Office
Rachel Keegan Kelley, Director of Enrollment Management & Marketing, ext. 114
Pam Eaton ES'76, Senior Admissions Operations Manager, ext. 132
Shawna Campbell, Admissions Marketing Manager, ext. 117
Alec Wall, Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Financial Aid, ext. 142
Brice Koval, Assistant Director of Admissions, ext. 116
Jannette Kirby, Digital Marketing & Summer Admissions Manager, ext. 145

Advancement Office
Erin Stone Ericson, Director of Advancement, ext. 619
Susan McLean, Associate Director of Advancement & Director of Alumni Relations, ext. 112
Allison Butler, Director of Annual Giving, ext. 111
Jen Soderburg, Advancement Services Manager, ext. 125
Samantha Quinn, Capital Campaign Coordinator, ext.135
Claudette Knieriem, Capital Campaign Communications Officer, ext. 136

Business Office
Michael McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 128
Maureen Callahan, Accountant, ext. 113