Benefits of Studying Abroad in High School

When you choose to study abroad in high school with School Year Abroad you will:

• Absorb another culture and deepen your understanding of difference
• Learn another language
• Stand out on college applications
• Develop self-confidence, self-reliance and leadership skills
• Live with a host family in a safe and caring environment
• See the world from a different point of view

Get a different point of view.

What more effective way to become a global citizen than to learn how people in other countries view Americans? Students who study abroad in high school have the opportunity to better understand world politics, to grasp pressing socioeconomic concepts and to be informed citizens of the world.

Learn another language.

Learning another language boosts high school students' cognitive skills, increases achievement in other academic areas and produces higher standardized scores. High school is an optimum time to study abroad and learn a new language. It gives high school students a competitive advantage for colleges and employment, and is key to truly learning about another culture and its people.

Stand out on college applications.
It's a challenging market -- today's high school students must find ways to stand out in college application pools that are overflowing with qualified students. Admissions officers at top universities and colleges attest to the School Year Abroad advantage. Studying abroad with SYA is widely-known to produce exceptional high school students who are mature, informed, disciplined and well-adjusted to functioning away from the comforts of home. Often times the college essay is based on an aspect of the SYA experience, and that essay makes all the difference.

Continue to define yourself, raise your awareness, challenge your intellect, and push yourself beyond the edges of your comfort zone.

High school is the best time, the most advantageous time, to study abroad. High school study abroad allows students to gain a sense of independence, develop critical thinking skills, practice tolerance and develop self-acceptance while living with a host family, meeting new friends, navigating an unfamiliar city and learning to speak another language.

Learn more about who you are, who you will be, and how you can contribute to the world.

High school students are expected to make important, life-forming decisions during a critical time of self-discovery. Studying abroad for a year in high school provides options not otherwise considered, develops leadership skills and adds insight into self-realization and personal development.