Participation Challenges

Your SYA Fund participation is important, and here’s why:

  • High alumni participation is generally perceived to be an indicator of satisfaction with and validation of the SYA experience. Alumni participation is often considered by prospective students and parents when deciding whether to attend SYA.
  • Alumni participation is important for foundation proposals. Alumni have directly benefited from the experience. Why would a foundation support SYA if its own alumni do not?
  • Within our own alumni body, prospective top donors want to know that others are adding their support, at whatever level they can afford, before adding their own leadership support.

Because SYA understands the importance of participation, we have implemented several incentives to build a broad base of SYA Fund support and participation among our alumni.

First Quarter Challenge

  • Open to: Any class, any country with a Class Agent. Click here to see who your Class Agent is.
  • Incentive: If your class achieves 25% participation in the Annual Fund by March 31, you can choose to receive a personalized communication (video, letter, video chat) from a current student or faculty member. Watch the videos that the classes received last year - CN'01, CN'06 and ES'04.
  • Deadline: March 31

Young Alumni Country Competition

  • Open to: young alumni classes 2003-17 in China, France, Italy and Spain.
  • Incentive: Challenge to raise one full tuition ($56,000) from 18% of SYA's young alumni (604 donors) by June 30, 2018, which will sponsor one SYA student as the Young Alumni Scholar. If your class reaches 50% participation, you can sponsor an additional student to be named the Class of SYA XXXX Scholar.
  • Deadline: June 30

Please see the young alumni page for more information.

Class Scholar

  • Open to: Any class, any country with a Class Agent
  • Incentive: If your class raises at least 50% of current tuition from at least 25% of the class, a Class of “Country” “Year” Scholar will be named for the class during the following academic year.
  • Deadline: June 30