2015-16 Results

YOU – SYA’s global community of alumni, parents, faculty and friends – raised $1,173,540 from 1,454 donors during the 2015-16 Annual Fund year!

Alexa Bator Chae FR’90, in her second year as Annual Fund Chair, encouraged increased alumni participation by offering a special $25,000 gift if 25 classes could achieve 25% (or more) class participation. The original goal of encouraging 25 classes to give 25% was surpassed with 29 classes stepping up to exceed the target. The “25 + 25 = 25” incentive greatly contributed to SYA’s success in setting a new donor record, with 53 more donors than in the 50th Anniversary year (a 4% increase!). Young alumni also played a key role with their participation in the second Young Alumni Country Competition, from which China (again) emerged victorious. Additionally, we are proud to announce 100% participation from trustees, resident directors and our home office staff. SYA extends its sincere gratitude to Alexa, her fellow volunteers and you, the many Annual Fund donors, for making your gift.

Want to know how your class compares? Check out the participation chart here.


Highest Participation

Spain 1965: 82%
China 2001: 51%
Spain 1976: 50%
China 2006: 47%
France 1985: 38%

Highest Number of Donors

China 2006: 23
France 1974: 21
China 2001: 21
Spain 2003: 20
France 1979: 19
France 1985: 19

Highest Total Dollars Raised

France 1979: $98,290
Spain 1965: $75,909
France 1971: $74,819
France 1985: $65,550
France 2000: $56,560

Young Alumni Country Competition Results

China: 18.63%
Spain: 13.89%
France: 12.80%
Italy: 12.63%


Ten named Class Scholars will be studying abroad in the 2016-17 school year. In FY16, each of the classes listed below earned the privilege of naming a Class Scholar by raising at least 50% of tuition from at least 25% of the class.* Thank you to each of the Class Agents for your tremendous efforts, and to all classmates for your generous support.

Class of France 1979 Scholars (3)
Campaign led by Class Agent Carolyn MacIver Millstein

Class of France 1983 Scholars (2)
Campaign led by Class Agents Sam Bloom and Sarinda Parsons Wilson

Class of France 1985 Scholars (2)
Campaign led by Class Agents Nick Brumm and Ad Hardin

Class of France 2000 Scholars (2)
Campaign led by Class Agent Daniel Dozier

Class of Spain 1986 Scholar
Campaign led by Class Agent Natalia Bulgari


Classes who achieved 25% participation by March 31* were given the special privilege of receiving a personalized thank you message from a current student or faculty member.

Class of China 2001
Led by Class Agent Ira Renfrew
View the special thank you video to the class from student Seamus Clair CN’16 here.

Class of China 2006
Led by Class Agents Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga and Julian Fu
View the special thank you video to the class from student Hunter Smith CN’16 here.

Class of Spain 2004
Led by Class Agent Eleanor Bowen
View the special thank you video to the class from Marta and Alvaro here.

*Interested in learning how your class can sponsor a Class Scholar or participate in the First Quarter Challenge?
Read more about SYA's 2016-17 Participation Incentives.