SYA Spain Summer

Start your adventure in Zaragoza, Spain next summer!

Dates: June 21 - July 26, 2018


At SYA Summer in Spain, you'll make the leap from “learning Spanish” to experiencing Spain with all of your senses. Classes are held in the morning, and afternoons are designed to help you immerse yourself in the local language and culture. Evenings and weekends are devoted to your host family experience. You will be carefully placed in a Spanish family who will become your guide to Zaragoza and the surrounding area. The program is located in Zaragoza, a vibrant city situated midway between Madrid and Barcelona. While there will be day trips and a brief visit to Madrid during the first four weeks, the culmination of the program will be a trip through northeastern Spain.

  • Rapidly improve your proficiency in Spanish language and expand your knowledge of the people and culture of Spain.
  • Partake in local activities such as cooking, art and dance classes.
  • Maximize your learning through a close relationship with your host family; let them “teach” you as you once “learned” your native tongue from your own family.
  • Enjoy excursions to surrounding areas large and small, whether to hike in the Pyrenees or visit Barcelona.