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El Guino, SYA Spain Student Newspaper
El Guino is the SYA Spain newspaper produced by students in their journalism class.
Growing and Changing in Spain
Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Sarah T. chronicles her adventures in Spain and reflects back on her year studying abroad.
SYA Alums Attend Top Colleges
Students who make the most of SYA are regularly accepted at top colleges and universities. Learn more about which colleges SYA alumni attend.
Virginia Invernizzi named New Resident Director for SYA Spain
Virginia Invernizzi has been named the new Resident Director for SYA Spain.
Mini viaje to Extremadura, Spain
Students from SYA Spain recently traveled to Extremadura, Spain. Check out this video by Campus Reporter Sophie W.
Mediterranean and Spanish Art Student Portfolios
Students in the Mediterranean and Spanish Art classes showcase their portfolios.
El Guino, SYA Spain Student Newspaper
El Guino is the SYA Spain newspaper produced by students in their journalism class.
Voces de lo imposible, by SYA Spain students
Voces de lo imposible is the story written by the SYA Spain Literature Class of 2013.
Welcome to School Year Abroad
SYA alums talk about their high school study abroad experiences in China, France, Italy and Spain in our new video!
SYA Spain: Class of 2013
SYA Spain students sum up their high school study abroad experience in Zaragoza in this video from campus reporter Daniel B.
SYA Spain in Andalucia
After six months at the high school study abroad program SYA Spain we though that we had seen it all. Then, we left for our six day Andulcía trip to explore the distant Spanish south.
Feliz Navidad from SYA Spain
SYA Spain Campus Reporter Daniel B. has shot another amazing video that captures students' lives in Zaragoza!
The Election from a Spanish Point of View
In the last month I have watched a country breathe a sigh of relief, Spain is excited to see...
A Year in Zaragoza
SYA Spain student Claire R. writes about her busy life in Zaragoza - from Spanish basketball games to chorus concerts to Halloween. Check out her blog!
10 Things That I Have Learned
Read SYA Spain student Natalie S' list of what she's learned so far living in Zaragoza!
Studying Politics Abroad at SYA Spain
SYA Spain journalism students recently attended a panel of Spanish journalists and professors who spoke about politics and the upcoming U.S. election.
At Home in the World Since September 7
Natalie S. is feeling "at home" in Zaragoza, Spain."We are all the adventure seekers, the ones who jump with both feet for the stars hoping we’ll fly instead of fall." Check out her blog!
The Joy of Spanish Cooking
Once you’ve selected your extracurricular activity, you’re rewarded with opportunities to make friends, create memories, improve your Spanish, and a million other unexpected benefits. You’ll never be bored in Spain and you’ll have a year unlike any other! 
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