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Video: News-Decoder Webinar Features SYA Spain and France Students

School Year Abroad (SYA) and News-Decoder continue their successful partnership with an April 3 webinar on the future of the European Union (EU) that SYA Spain and France students will participate in.

The webinar will be moderated by contributing editor at POLITICO, Paul Taylor, and News-Decoder will be posting a series of articles about the subject by SYA France students over the coming weeks. Each student takes a different approach in regards to their view on the future of the EU. Veronica B. (Cypress Bay High School, FL), writes, 'The Ambiguity of the European Union', Johanna B. (Hanover High School, NH), will focus on why the EU risks collapse and Isaac R. (Phillips Exeter Academy, NH), will explain why the EU with thrive. (We will provide links to the latter two once they are posted by News-Decoder).

All students studying politics at the two SYA schools will be participating in the hour-long discussion that is centered around the collaborative project that all three SYA European schools (France, Spain and Italy) worked on in January and February 2017, entitled "The European Union in 2030."

During the project, students were challenged to understand the history of the EU, what motivated European leaders to create the Union, how it works and how it affects their host country and the entire European continent.

In Veronica's article she explains that by working in small groups, each school researched specific topics: the EU's Erasmus student exchange program, the Euro common currency, Brexit and Euro Cup football, among others. Students interviewed local students and professors, and contacted experts to include opinions in their final project.

"The most eye-opening part of our work came when students from the three SYA campuses shared their research. It became clear that attitudes towards the EU varied from country to country." Veronica explains, "Our research, then, begged an important question: could divergent viewpoints contribute to the eventual dissolution of the EU?"

The webinar will be taking place one Monday, April 3, Noon U.S. Eastern time. News-Decoder will be recording the session for those who cannot make the live event.

Student presenting final EU project at SYA Spain.