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France 50th Anniversary celebrations start today with mayoral reception at Salons de L'hôtel de Ville de Rennes

SYA France's 50th anniversary weekend celebrations will launch with a Mayoral Reception at the Salons de l'Hôtel de Ville de Rennes today, Friday, March, 24, 2017.

Over 400 alumni, parents, current and former faculty, current students, host families, and local dignitaries will gather later to reconnect and celebrate this milestone in SYA's history with an event held in one of Rennes most prestigious civic buildings.

This evening's proceedings will include a formal presentation to the Mayor of Rennes in recognition of the city's commitment and dedication to the betterment of the lives of SYA France students and faculty, as well as to their families. Members of the Class of SYA France 1968, the first group of students to graduate from SYA France when the school was housed at l'Institut Franco-Américain, will also be honored alongside the French host families in attendance who will be celebrated for their longstanding relationship with the school.

For more information about the four-day event, visit SYA France at 50.