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3 Reasons Why Being Bilingual Will Help Your Future

1. Increase your chance of getting hired – Employers are always looking for additional qualifications that will make an applicant stand out from the crowd. Being bilingual is one of those qualifications. In fact, just last year, CNN Money named bilingualism as the hottest skill for job seekers.

Taking the time to learn a second language demonstrates a strong work ethic that is attractive to any employer. Businesses looking to reach customers around the globe will more likely look at an applicant who is not only culturally aware but has linguistic abilities that will benefit their company. Being able to read and write in a second language can make you even more enticing to potential employers

2. Seek different job opportunities – Not only will knowing a second language make you more attractive to employers it will also increase your employment options. A growing number of positions in companies list second language abilities as a requirement. This automatically eliminates the majority of people who are not bilingual and means that there is less competition for those key jobs.

When you speak a second language you increase your chances of being hired by a foreign corporation. If your second language is French, imagine working for a French company looking to hire a native English speaker. International organizations like the United Nations look specifically for people who can speak several languages.

3. Bridge the cultural gap – An ability to communicate in a second language is valuable, but being able to relate to people from a different background and culture is equally important. Being mindful and considerate of foreign customs and etiquette can go a long way to bridging the cultural gap.