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A Journey of Discovery

"I believe adaptation, the need to embrace change, and enjoy that feeling of discomfort helped me tremendously throughout my career."

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Six Reasons You Should Apply to SYA France

Ivy T. is a SYA France Class of 2016 alum. She is currently part of the our Multi-Media Alumni Ambassador program and most recently wrote a blog describing six reasons why one should consider applying to SYA France.

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My Thoughts on Cinque Giorni

Sarah F. is currently a senior at SYA Italy and a blogger for our Campus Reporter program. Her most recent blog talks about spending five days in a local, Italian school.

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Living With My 'Host' Family

"I have twin eighteen year old sisters, which is especially awesome because I grew up with two brothers. My host parents are super generous; they are also in their fifties and still run marathons!"

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What My SYA China Experience Taught Me

"SYA was a leap that I am so glad I took and has instilled in me certain values and skills that will make me a better person and community member throughout the rest of my life. It was a truly invaluable experience."

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Welcome To My Life Abroad

This year's scholarship recipient benefiting from the Carlos and MalĂș Alvarez Endowment for Scholarships for School Year Abroad at Saint Mary's Hall, shares his experience so far abroad in Zaragoza, Spain.

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