Dial 978.725.6828 followed by the extension number listed after each staff member below:

Executive Office
Thomas E. Hassan, President, ext. 620
Aric Visser, Head of Schools and Programs, ext. 126
Whitney Shugrue Hermann ES'85, Director of Auxiliary Programs, ext. 134
Mary Lou Poirier, Executive Assistant, ext. 110

Academic Office
Mary Shattuck, Registrar and Healthy & Safety Coordinator, ext. 138

Admissions Office
Rachel Keegan Kelley, Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing, ext. 114
Pam Eaton ES'76, Admissions Office Manager, ext. 132
Anna Hughes ES'06, Assistant Director of Admissions, ext. 146
Sarah Pongrace FR'11, Assistant Director of Admissions, ext 224
Molly Umble, Assistant Director of Admissions, ext. 142
Jannette Kirby, Summer Admissions Coordinator, ext. 145

Advancement Office
David J. McCusker, Jr., Director of Advancement, ext.133
Susan McLean, Associate Director of Advancement & Director of Alumni Relations, ext. 112
Erin Stone Ericson, Associate Director of Advancement & Director of Annual Giving, ext. 619
Jen Soderburg, Development Systems Manager, ext. 125
Samantha Francesconi, Advancement Officer & Stewardship Coordinator, ext.135

Business Office
Michael McCarthy, Director of Finance and Operations, ext. 128
Maureen Callahan, Accountant, ext. 113